Be You Apparel Co., ltd is a manufacturer, trader and exporter specializing in apparel and textile products. Utilizing the various experiences and production know-how cultivated since our establishment, we can respond to various customer needs from small lots to oversized lots in Japan and overseas. We produce high quality products at low prices and provide them to manufacturers, trading companies, retailers, and group companies.

The following products are available for OEM production.

Casual wear

Casual wear

· General casual shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, men’s denim shirts, men’s pants, cut-and-sew dresses, jeans, hats, etc.

Suit-Uniform- working wear -Sportwear

Suits / uniforms / work clothes

· Service industry uniforms, office uniforms, work clothes, aprons, suits

· Shirts for various events, polo shirts, blousons, etc.

· Jackets, coats, skiwear, raincoats, kidswear, dogwear, underwear, sportswear

Baby & kids wear

Baby & Kids Wear

· Manufacture of baby wear and related products

· Manufacture of children’s clothing for boys and girls and hand-embroidered girls’ dresses

· Clothing for studio photography

Underwear & Inner, swim wear 

Underwear & innerwear, swimwear

· (Women) Bras, pants, camisole, shorts, tank tops, etc.

· (Men) Tank tops, boxer shorts, trunks, etc.


Hand embroidery textile products

Hand embroidery handkerchief, lingerie bag, table cloth, duvet cover, sheet cover, cushion cover, blouse, stall, muffler, etc.



We receive orders from cheap disposable towels for inns and restaurants to luxury towels for hotels.


Safe mask ,anti-mirobial mask, corona virus prevent mask, anti-microbial fabric mask ,influenzs prevent mask , daily mask, dust mask ,face mask

 Canvas & leather bag

Canvas & Leather Bag

Canvas bags, genuine leather bags and fashion bags .

 Hat & cap & soccer ball 

Hats, caps, soccer balls

 Working handgloves & socks 

Work gloves, socks, knitted muffler

 Shoes & sandal & boot 

Athletic shoes, leather shoes, kids shoes, gender sandals, boots