“Organization that achieves self-realization”
We aim to create an organization where all employees can demonstrate their abilities and achieve self-realization.
“Open and fair corporate entity”
By becoming an open and fair corporate entity, we will secure the trust of our business partners and society.

We will continue to be a company that values ​​the environment, life and human resources.

We will expand our network worldwide and enhance our service network.

By thinking from consumers, we create the richness of the next generation of people and contribute to the development of society.

We put customer satisfaction first.

Create a workplace where employees can work with dreams while constantly evolving.
Take care to fulfill your family responsibilities.
We create an environment where our achievements and abilities are evaluated fairly and we can make proposals freely.

We always value sociality and consider our contribution to society.

Company Ikyu always creates new value for society without being satisfied with the current situation.

We strive to maximize domestic use of materials and accessories used in production as much as possible.

By exporting, we will bring Made in Vietnam made in Vietnam to all over the world.

We will send the culture from Vietnam to the world.

We will continue to create the future to realize a richer human society through the outsourcing business.

There is an idea that says, “Have you had that hand?”
There is a technology that says “Do you want to do that?”
There is an entrepreneurial spirit that is said to be “until that.”
We create innovation with three strengths.
Bringing new changes to people and society.
We will create innovation.

With the corporate philosophy of “creating employment”, “growing people” and “contributing to society”, we aim to be a company that can provide dreams and joy through work to all people. Through this corporate philosophy, we continue to conduct business activities that emphasize CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which contributes to a better society. As a company, we will grow toward the future.